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Rory is the solutions marketing director for VMware in EMEA, responsible for defining and amplifying the benefits of the company’s infrastructure portfolio.

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Going beyond virtualisation

Jun 24, 201923 minutes

We built VMware on server virtualisation. So many companies and organisations followed us and bought into our vision. Where next? In this episode, we'll do some future gazing, looking at current trends to help guide where we think future developments are leading. What's hype and what's likely to be important.

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Digital transformation starts here

Jun 4, 201925 minutes

Your organisation is digitally transforming. To support this, you must first modernise your data center and transform it into a private cloud, to be able to integrate public cloud resources without creating newer, bigger silos of operation.

Managing Modern Apps and development with Kubernetes on a VMware platform

May 28, 201923 minutes

The way we develop and consume applications and frameworks has changed radically in just a few short years.

People, process and change

May 6, 201924 minutes

Cloud: Let's agree some definitions

Apr 23, 201922 minutes

Looking towards the future

Apr 8, 201927 minutes

Simplifying multi-cloud complexity

Mar 26, 201937 minutes

A people-led approach to technology

Mar 12, 201924 minutes

The radically changing world of DevOps

Feb 26, 201921 minutes

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