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Charles Barratt is a EUC Domain Architect and Global CTO Ambassador at VMware. He works closely with VMware’s strategic accounts and is responsible for helping them to accelerate digital workspaces.

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Digital Workspace - Project mistakes and lessons learned

Jul 8, 201928 minutes

In previous podcasts, we have explored the complex nature of Digital Workspace projects and discussed how most of our customers have already started someway on the journey when engaging with VMware. In this podcast, we discuss the common project mistakes and lessons learned from Digital Workspace projects and provide some simple techniques to mitigate them.

Who is a Digital Workspace for?

Jul 8, 201918 minutes

Future Workspace

Jul 1, 201924 minutes

The Rise of the Machines

Apr 3, 201918 minutes

The Swiss Army Knife

Mar 21, 201919 minutes

Beyond Windows

Mar 7, 201919 minutes

Delivering a Better Windows Experience

Feb 21, 201920 minutes

The App Economy

Feb 7, 201920 minutes

The doom and gloom of EUC

Jan 21, 201914 minutes

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