The New Cybersecurity Part 2

Oct 31, 201916 minutes

This is the second part of our Digital Journeys Cybersecurity Special. Continuing the conversation with Ian Jenkins and Garry Owen, Tom Corn, VMware’s global Senior Vice-President for Security Products talks about the influence of Cloud on cybersecurity; how despite all of its recent activity, VMware is only at the beginning of its move into the security space; and of course, the inside track on the recent $2.1 billion addition of Carbon Black into the VMware family.

Future Workspace

Jul 1, 201924 minutes

Digital transformation starts here

Jun 4, 201925 minutes

Your organisation is digitally transforming. To support this, you must first modernise your data center and transform it into a private cloud, to be able to integrate public cloud resources without creating newer, bigger silos of operation.

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